About Hawaiian Moonshine

09-18-2013_05-20-58_Hawaiian_Moonshine_distilleryHawaiian Moonshine from Honolulu, Hawaii provides consumers with a concoction that resembles okolehao, the original Hawaiian liquor from the 18th century. Created by Dave Flintstone, Hawaiian Moonshine combines ti root and sugar cane to make a liquor that is refined and velvety to the palate. It is produced by the only licensed distillery in Honolulu, Island Distillers.

The idea for creating the beverage came to Dave Flintstone when he decided to produce Hawaiian spirits while learning the craft in the Caribbean. He returned to Hawaii and started working on his new line of spirits. Hawaiian Moonshine is one of his favorites because it is unique from inside and out. Besides being the modern version of okolehao, the liquor has a unique stoneware bottle that features a flip top and is the only Hawaiian language bottle in the world.

While most liquor is imported to Hawaii, Flintstone hopes to get more Honolulu bars and restaurants to give this special liquor and other local creations a try.


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